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were working in Wuhan. Fleets of trucks carrying aid goods and displaying banners of "Wuhan be strong!" rushed to the city from all


corners of the country. Under a "pairing-up support" system, each city in Hubei is taken c


are of by at least one provincial-level region. To ensure the timely admission of patients, two hospitals with a total of 2,600 beds were built from scratch in Wuhan within about two weeks, and 16 temporary hospitals were converted from gyms and exhibition centers to add 13,000 beds. Nucleic

acid testing (NAT) capacity in Wuhan reached 24,000 peo


ple a day. Testing is made free and treatment fees are covered by China's basic medical in

surance. Huang Juan, 38,

witnessed the first few days of chaos and despair at local hospitals before calm and order graduall

y set in amid the infl

ux of support. Huang recalled the hospitals were packed with patients -- over 100 patients were wait

ing for the injection but on

ly one nurse was around. Every day, her mother who had a fever on the eve of the Spring Festival in


late January, waited 10 hours to be injected. After a week of imploration, Huang finally f

ound a hospital willing

to admit her mother. Ten days later, her mother was discharged upon negative NAT results. "She still

had symptoms, but the

re was no choice, as many patients were waiting for beds," Huang said. The situation improved when h

er father, also diagnosed wi

th the disease, was hospitalized on Feb. 19. "He was discharged after the doctor confirmed his recov

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